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  • La Hora

  • Recitaciones: Habia Un Sapo; Dos Cocineritos (Due May 16 OR 17)


    Please import BOTH files into your RECITACIONES journal that you created in GoodNotes.

    We will review BOTH songs in class, to make sure you understand their meaning. There will be a short assessment over BOTH of the songs.

    You (and your group) will only need to VIDEO record ONE of the two songs. Details will be discussed in class.

  • Unidad 4: Verbos Regulares

  • This topic

    Unidad 1: Repaso de Conceptos


    We will begin Sixth Grade with a review of important concepts. In this first unit, El Calendario, we will:

    1. Practice Greetings, Hellos, and Goodbyes

    2. Select YOUR nombre en español!

    3. Practice expressing your feelings (¿Cómo estás?/Yo estoy...)