Topic outline

  • Important Information

    Welcome to fabulous fourth grade!

    • I  am available for tutoring/homework club on Tuesday - Thursday mornings at 7:20am.  This is an opportunity to re-visit any concept the student is struggling with in class, silently read, or silent work time.  Please have your child let me know if he/she will be joining me in the morning.  Remind them to sign-in when they arrive.  

    Links and Resources:

    Grading Scale:
    A- 93.5
    B- 84.5

    Test Dates:
    • Spelling- 
    • Math- May 22, chapter 13
    • Science- 
    • Reading- 

  • Math

    • Math homework is sent home to reinforce and practice skills learned at school
    • When homework is not sent home, your child is strongly encouraged to practice math facts. (flashcards, reflex math, timed test, etc...)

  • Reading

    In class we will read many different stories and novels from a variety of genres.

    Fourth grade students are expected to read at least 20 minutes a day. Please help your child develop a daily reading routine. A consistent reading routine at home is important for their growth as a proficient reader. **A child who reads 20 minutes a day, will read 3,600 minutes per school year. Compared to a child who reads 5 minutes a day, will read only 900 minutes per school year. 

  • Science

    Fourth grade science is all about LIFE. We will study: cells, human body systems, kingdoms of living organisms, animal kingdoms, plants, chicks hatching, ecology, biomes, ecosystems, and more! Fourth grade students will visit the science lab twice a week- Monday and Thursday. Each child will keep a science notebook to record notes, observations, and more.

    Do you have any of these items at home? If so, please donate to the science lab!!!

    ·         2 liter soda bottles (clear, clean, no caps)

    ·         Salt containers- cylinder shape- spouts removed.

    ·         Calendars with pictures of landscapes or animals

    ·         Magazines with pictures of landscapes or animals: National Geographic, Geo Kids, Ranger Rick etc.

    ·         Sea shells

    ·         Rocks

    ·         Tissue Paper- colored

    ·         Wine corks

    ·         Cardboard Egg Cartons

    ·         Artificial Flowers, leaves or grasses

    ·         Beads

  • Religion

    Our Catholic Faith is evident in "All we think, say, and do." 

    We will continue to grow in faith, knowledge, and understanding, of our religion this year, as well as focus on "Becoming the Best-Version-of-Ourselves".