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  • 4th Grade Procedures and Information

    Welcome to 4th Grade, it's gonna' be a great ride!

    Homework Club!  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 7:20-7:50 students may come to my homeroom to complete homework, collaborate with classmates, (NOT copy!) or receive help with any subject I teach.  Homework Club with be canceled on weeks when I have morning duty, (Weeks of: 11/6, 2/12, and 5/14 ) days when 4A is presenting the Mass, (9/1, 11/15, and 4/18) or on days when a conference has been scheduled for that time.

    We use the wonderful BrainPOP site in many subjects.  BrainPOP is now available for our families to access at home:

    user name: staschool

    password: brainpop

    The link is provided below.

    Check out the "Armadillo Adventures" (4A August Armadillo yet again) Newspaper (2014), you may want to bring a 'dilla along on YOUR next adventure...

    ...and keep updated about what's happening with our Prairie Restoration Partners at Caprock Canyons State Park by checking out "The Thundering Herd" newsletter/blog.

    RenWeb is a must...please use this resource to keep up to date on your student's progress.  Homework assignments and links to lessons/worksheets are also posted here.

    Moodle is an amazing resource!! You will find lessons, many assignments, as well as information on what topics your student is learning about in each subject, PLEASE use it!

    Follow us on Twitter! @STA_2022

    TGIF! On Friday afternoons, we will provide a Study Hall for students who have incomplete/missing work. (This would include absent make-up work, and meeting AR goals.) Students who miss a test due to absence will make it up at this time.  Students who have all work for the week completed will be invited to choose an enrichment/extension activity in which to participate.  All 4th grade classes will be participating, so this may be an opportunity for your student to enjoy quality learning time spent with a friend from one of the other classes!

    Movie Day!  On the second to last Friday (usually ... ) of each quarter we will provide a Study Hall for students who have incomplete/missing work. (This would include absent make-up work, and meeting AR Goals.) Students who miss a test due to absence will make it up at this time.  Students who are current on all assignments will be invited to celebrate success with a Movie Day! 

  • Social Studies


    Bison Project!  This year we will again be partnering with Caprock Canyons State Park to learn about, and support, the Texas State Bison Herd, which calls Caprock Canyons home.  This herd of 180 bison is all that remains of the great Southern Bison Herd, which once covered the Southern Plains.  Park Superintendent, Donald Beard, will pay us a visit to teach the students about the herd.

    York Jr. High raised money to outfit two of the cows with GPS trackers, so we can keep track of migration patterns.  Our goal/hope is to develop a website to make this information accessible to students throughout Texas. To learn more about the herd, check out the link below...

    New this year:  Bison Project Group! This will be an extracurricular club, open to students in grades 3-8.  This group will be our go-to folks to "Spread the Word, Help the Herd!"  This may include creating and updating a link to STA's new website, creating the #stabisonproject mural, judging entries for this year's bison t-shirt design, raising funds for this year's service project, (More about that in the next paragraph!) creating a display for STEM Fair, to name just a few ideas. (I'm sure the group will have more!)  Space will be limited, so sign up soon! (If your family has visited the Texas State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons, and you are interested in joining the group, you're automatically in! Just let me know ASAP!

    Now, for that service project: Prairie Restoration Project Signage.  Using the data received from tracking collars and observation, The Caprock Crew has chosen an area adjacent to the Eagle Point Trail to begin a new prairie restoration project.  This involves the removal of invasive vegetation and replacement of native prairie grasses, as well as an extension of the prairie dog population. (Did you know you can't have a healthy prairie without prairie dogs?  It's true! They feed on, and therefore help control, mesquite and other invasive plants!) The object is to create more available habitat for the Bison Herd. As this area is adjacent to a popular hiking trail, Caprock feels this is an excellent opportunity to educate visitors about the "Why and How" of prairie restoration.  They would like to create signage to post along the trail, allowing hikers to watch the work in progress and understand the procedures involved, all while enjoying a beautiful hike!  We would like to contribute funds to this endeavor, and will sponsor a "Dollar Dress Day", in order to do so.

     and, of course, there's still Baby Magee!!!  STA has adopted a baby bison at Caprock!  We have named her "Magee" in honor of our President, Patrick Magee!  Some of the money raised this year will contribute to the care of Baby ... well she's not really a baby anymore, she's huge! ... Magee. Le'Ann Pigg, Interpreter for Caprock, will keep us updated with pictures/videos, etc. of Magee, as well as the other wildlife in the park, as captured by the cameras STA purchased for them.

    Your students will be getting Texas Weekly Newspapers throughout the year.  Each student will have an account through which they can access the digital version.

    The digital version of estudies weekly offers an audio reader, which can read the articles aloud to students while highlighting words, for those students who would find this helpful.  For those students who are looking for content enrichment, primary sources such as documents, photos, and video may be accessed. And, of course, there's Revere, the rat, who awards students points when they do extra reading/researching.  Students can use their points to get cool items to decorate Revere's cage!

    The link is provided below.

  • Reading/Spelling

    What Is Close Reading?
    Close reading is thoughtful, critical analysis of a text that focuses on significant details or
    patterns in order to develop a deep, precise understanding of the text’s form, craft, meanings,
    etc. It is a key requirement of the Common Core State Standards and directs the reader’s
    attention to the text itself.
    Close reading includes:
     Using short passages and excerpts
     Diving right into the text with limited pre-reading activities
     Focusing on the text itself
     Rereading deliberately
     Reading with a pencil
     Noticing things that are confusing
     Discussing the text with others
    o Think-Pair Share or Turn and Talk frequently
    o Small groups and whole class
     Responding to text-dependent questions

    We will be enjoying reading non-fiction this year, as well as learning about current events through the Scholastic Newspaper. The paper has a digital component as well. The Scholastic News Interactive website offers digital assistance including: vocab support, text-to-talk read aloud, and an alternate level version. It also offers enrichment by making expanded content available, and through educational/comprehension games

    Your display name: Mrs. Bigney's Class
    Your classroom password: fabulous4A2017
      The link is posted below.
    If you would like to order books from Scholastic News, (Thank you!) we order online only.  Our class code is: H8G2C The link to order books is posted below.

    Students will take their S.T.A.R. Reading Assessment during Computer Class. Once your student has their ZPD, you are welcome to use the arbookfinder link below to help them find books within their ZPD

    The link for Kidblog is posted below.  Their username and password are the first three letters of their first and last name.

  • Religion

    Our beautiful Catholic Faith is evident in "All we think, say, and do." 

    We will continue to grow in faith, knowledge, and understanding, of our religion this year, as well as focus on "Becoming the Best-Version-of-Ourselves".