Topic Name Description
Welcome to 5th Grade File Reading Without Walls
File Reading Without Walls
Tuck Everlasting File Character Sheet
File Vocabulary List


File Chapter 1-Describe the Foster's House

descriptive paragraph

File Chapter 2-Comprehension Questions


File Chapters 1-3 Vocabularly Activities
File Figurative Language
File Tuck Everlasting Test

tuck everlasting test

Poetry File Poetry Unit Requirements


File Poetry Checklist
File Poetry Table of Contents
File Figurative Language
File Figurative Language Power Point

power point

File Glossary of Poetry Terms

This is a list of vocabulary terms and types of poems we will study in our poetry unit.

File Examples of Poems

These are examples of the different types of poems we will study in our poetry unit.

File Bio Poem

Bio Poem

File Bio Poem Sample

bio poem sample

File Bio Poem Template


File Haiku-Example


File Haiku-Example (2)

haiku example

File Haiku Planning Sheet


File If I Were In Charge of the World-Example


File If I Were In Charge of the World-Planning Sheet


File My Home-Example

my home

File My Home Directions

my home

File My Home Template

my home

File How to Write a Limerick

how to write a limerick

File Creating a Limerick

creating a limerick

File Limerick Example


File Cinquain Example

cinquain example

File Cinquain Directions

Cinquain Directions

File Cinquain Graphic Organizer

cinbquain graphic organizer

File Friendship Cinquain

Friendship Cinquain

File Likes and Dislikes

LIkes and Dislikes

File Five Senses Poem

Five Senses Poem

Wonder File Vocabulary


File Part One-Comprehension Questions

Part One-August

File August-Character Traits


File Book Report

Book Report

File Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram

Nonfiction URL Fiction vs Nonfiction
URL Nonfiction Rap
File Definitions of text features
File Text Features