In English 8 the students will continue to work on their grammar skills through the use of the Daily Grammar Practice (DGP).  In this study, students will work with one sentence each week to correctly capitalize and punctuate, identify sentence type, sentence purpose, clauses, parts of speech, and parts of the sentence.  In addition, students will practice diagramming these as well.  We will rely on the skills and information learned in 7th grade to expand and explore new concepts.  

This year's writing will consist of practice with quick writing assignments in which they begin and complete a writing sample within one class period.  Students will then in later classes revise and improve the writing.  Our prompts will allow students the opportunity to write for a variety of purposes such as to inform, persuade, entertain, influence, and understand him/herself and others.  Frequently, our writing will include topics from other classes in order to help the students express what they are learning.

Students will develop proficiency with a full range of strategies and skills for comprehending a variety of texts through thinking critically, creatively, and analytically.  In addition, students will also continue to expand their vocabulary.

In Literature 8, we will focus much of our attention this year on learning about and recognizing the literary devices used by authors.  We will read a variety of stories from many different genres.  Our class novels include Numbering All the Bones, a novel about the Civil War; The Pearl, a classic novel about good and evil; and A Christmas Carol a classic novel about man discovering himself.  In all of our discussions covering the novels, short stories, and poems we read, we will include a discussion about the morality of the choices made by the characters.

In addition to the reading, we will also spend time working on improving our vocabularies through the use of our Vocabulary Workshop book Level C.  We will work with each unit for approximately 2 weeks before testing.  Students will be expected to complete a variety of activities in which they practice using these words.

Welcome to the 8th grade Mathematics!

In this course, we will explore algebraic concepts which will build the foundation for future math courses you will encounter in high school.  The concepts we will cover (but are not limited to) include Real Numbers, Evaluating Expressions, Graphing on the Coordinate Plane, Algebraic Properties, Solving Equations and Inequalities, Solving and Applying Proportions, Functions, Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities, Exponential Functions, Polynomials and Factoring, Quadratic Equations and Functions, and Radical Expressions.  Each day we will put our best effort forward and make the most of our time together within the learning process.  We will treat mistakes as opportunities to learn and will support one another on our journey.  Students will cultivate a growth mindset and learn to focus on the process to achieve the desired results. 

Welcome to Mr. Coffin's 8th Grade Music Class,

Throughout this year we will be learning the art and wonder that is music. During your time here students will learn how to analyze music, applied music theory, music writing, learning song rewrites, and learn how music truly works in today's society by viewing how it has evolved from the past to now.

Let us walk this journey together to learn what I believe to be one of the most important fine arts there is.


Monday, Nov 26 or Tuesday, Nov 27

Welcome to the Confirmation page. This page contains many things you will need as you prepare for Confirmation. We do have a limit of 60 candidates each night.

  • You will need to have 20 of your 30 service hours complete by Nov 13. The last 10 hours will be due at the beginning of February.
  • The form you will need to complete for Confirmation
  • Choose the date you wish to be confirmed on on the form.

Welcome to 8th grade Religion. This year in Religion we will explore many topics including  your relationship with Christ, the Church and its history, morality and Confirmation. As you prepare for Confirmation you should be working to improve your relationship with Christ through prayer, going to Mass, and service. This will help you learn how to live a more Christ like life. You will also need  to review the basics doctrines of your faith that you will be professing this year. We will use two texts Christ Our Life: The Church Then and Now and Confirmed in the Spirit by Loyola.

Welcome to 8th Grade  Life Science class!  An advanced course on Life Science and scientific methodology.  Students will learn more about cells, modern genetics, the diversity of living things (bacteria, protists, fungi, and animals), the anatomy and physiology of the human body, and ecology.  The critical thinking skills and processes will be integral to our investigation of the intricacies of life science. Students need to develop inquiry, problem-solving and decision-making abilities to become lifelong learners and to maintain a sense of wonder about the world around them.

Let us together explore the wonders of LIFE!

Ms. Pacayra


Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies! This Social Studies course begins with a review of geography skills and continues with a review of US Social Studies taught at the end of 7th grade. We will continue learning about the history of the United States and how US geography, civics and government, and past events impact America‚Äôs culture and society today. Our goal is to answer the following question: 

What kind of impact did that person, place, or event have on the United States today?