The students will explore many different genres of literature in both their AR reading and classroom short stories.  They will also be using their Vocabulary Workshop ebooks to study and improve their vocabulary knowledge and usage.  Throughout the year they will be reading the class novels Brooklyn Bridge, and The Giver.

It will be an exciting year working with this energetic and inquisitive group of sixth graders. We will begin our journey in math with decimals and integers. We will continue with equations and inequalities, exponents, factors, fractions, ratios, rates and proportions. As we continue to build from prior knowledge, I hope the students will gain much confidence in their math skills and ability to problem solve. We will end the year with geometry and measurement. Throughout the year we will be working with real-world problems, analyzing data and graphing which will give us many opportunities to reinforce concepts taught. I look forward to our journey and hope this will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

Welcome to Mr. Coffin's 6th grade music class. In this year we will be diving into the wonderful world of music. We are specifically looking into the voice. Throughout the semester we will study the different types of voices there are and how each voice is unique. There are projects we will do to learn about our composers. We are also learning how to actively write about music as well in our music journals. Be checking this site often so that we can always stay up to date on information being handed out.

Welcome to 6th Grade Religion! The 6th grade curriculum immerses students in a scripture study of the Old Testament. Students learn and practice the skills needed to read, understand and appreciates  God’s inspired Word. By examining how God revealed Himself to His chosen people, students are able to investigate the history and faith stories of Hebrew people and see how God prepared to reveal Himself fully through His Son, Jesus. In the spring, a model Seder is celebrated to bring to life the story of the Israelites’ slavery in Egypt and their subsequent freedom.

Welcome to 6th Grade Science with Miss Galvin!

This year we will be focusing on the wonders of Physical Science. Through the use of hands on demonstrations, labs and the Engineering Design Process, we will explore such topics as Matter, Chemistry, Thermal Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Force and Motion, Newton's Laws, Simple Machines, Sound, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Our Science Fair project will be project-based and you will work on the designated challenge in small groups at school.

Get ready to imagine, discover, and explore the workings of our physical world!

The sixth graders this year will be studying world history. This course will be looking at civilizations primarily outside the United States including Egypt, Rome, Greece, and much more. Through out the year, aspects of early US civilazations will also be discussed.  

¡Hola! -- Welcome to the STA Sixth Grade español Moodle page.

In this first year of middle school, students will expand their knowledge of Spanish by taking known vocabulary -- especially cognate words (those that look alike, sound alike, and mean the same as in English) -- and use it to learn and/or strengthen essential grammar concepts. Oral and written activities will help achieve this goal, as well as poetry/song/prayer recitations. Additionally, students will learn about the rich culture, geography, and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries, through group assignments and projects throughout the year.

I am very excited to meet our new STA sixth-graders, and equally thrilled to re-acquaint myself with those students whom I taught through third grade. This will be my ninth year teaching at STA, and my fourth as the middle school Spanish teacher. I am looking forward to another amazing year with our Wildcats!

Lastly, know that Mi clase es su clase...¡Bienvenidos!