Welcome to 5th grade English!

Students will develop proficiency with a full range of strategies and skills for comprehending a variety of texts and for thinking critically, creatively, and analytically.  Students will also comprehend the importance of structure to structure and usage conventions to communicate successfully.  Thus enabling the student to write to discover, record, develop ideas, inform, influence, entertain, and understand self and others.

In 5th grade we will read, discuss, and analyze short stories, vocabulary, and poems in our anthology, Wonders.  This year's novels include Wonder by R. J. Palacio and Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt.  Students will have required assignments for Accelerated Reading.  Our year will be packed full of fun, engaging activities to enhance a love of reading.

Welcome to the 5th grade math Moodle page! This year we will start by building from prior knowledge over place value and we will continue up to the trillions. We will then concentrate a great deal on decimals from adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing decimals to putting decimals in order/comparing. After we have explored decimals into depth, then we will move onto fractions and add extensions from what they have learned last year. We will then end the school year with geometry and measurement. They will have an opportunity to collaborate with each other by using manipulatives and technology while working in math stations to expand their knowledge on each concept that we learn. It is my hope that they will use the concepts that they have learned in class out in the real-world. I look forward to working with your child and making it a fun and successful school year!

Welcome to 5th Grade Theology! This year we will be focusing on the seven sacraments; Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Matrimony, and Anointing of the Sick. We will learn all about the signs and symbols of each along with the graces associated with each one. We will also learn about the different parts of the Mass. Every day we will start off class with a prayer and by reading about the saint of the day. The students will be required to do a Saint and Sacramental project this year. As a class we will make care packages for patients undergoing chemo therapy to remind the students that small acts of kindness can go a long way. I am very excited to have your child this year!

Welcome 5th grade Science!

This year we will be covering a wide array of topics. The topics will include matter and chemistry, minerals, the earth structure, water, weather, and space. This year's science fair will be project based over ecology. They will be required to apply the scientific method when conducting these experiments at school. We are looking forward to having a successful and fun filled school year with your scientist!

Welcome to Mrs. Nelson's 5th grade Social Studies class! This year, students will be learning about US History starting from the Ice Age going through the 13 colonies, American Revolution and ending with the Civil War. We will also focus on learning the states and their capitals.