Welcome to Wonderful 4D! I am Tara Cooper. I moved from Oklahoma City this summer and I am so excited for the school year. It is going to be a fabulous year in fourth! I teach math, reading, science, and religion. 

In science, we will be attending lab twice an week. Our focus for fourth grade is life science. The students will keep a science journal that is considered their textbook.

In math, we will start the year with place value and then move to the other operations. Please help your child with their basic facts. They should be visiting Reflex Math at least twice a week to help with this. 

In reading, we will explore many different stories and genres as the students develop a love for reading and literature. 

In religion, we will live our Faith through word, action, and deed. The students will study of the lives of Saints, Sacraments, and Gospel readings to help us to not only know our faith but show our faith.

Hello! I am Lisa Campagna. I teach fourth Grade English to all students. This includes the Daily Grammar Program and writing in both creative and expository modes to help build a community of writers. Working on a good paragraph that tells the reader descriptive information will help us to transition into lengthier assignments.

I will also monitor and teach all fourth graders' handwriting in cursive. I will teach Reading and Religion to my homeroom. In fourth grade we are reading to learn across the curriculum. A few of the skills are summarizing, citing text evidence, author's purpose, and making predictions. Spelling is integrated with reading.

We will also participate in Global Read Aloud and Dot Day.

Religion is a subject that is related to throughout the day as we live our Faith through word, action, and deed. The study of the lives of Saints, Sacraments, and Gospel readings help us to not only know our faith but show our faith.

Hello!  Welcome to the Fabulous Fourth Grade!

I'm Mrs. Nancy Bigney, and I will be teaching Social Studies (Go Texas!) to all fourth grade students, and Religion, Reading, and Spelling to homeroom 4A.

Social Studies:  Another name for storytelling! (Most of them true...)

We will begin with review, reinforcement, and expansion of map skills. Then move on to world, U.S., and TEXAS geography: learning about the 4 Natural Regions of Texas.

Once we have a feel for the land, (setting!) we will begin placing people on the land, (characters!) and telling their stories. (plot!) 

We will also learn Economics: The Free Enterprise System, to prepare for Enterprise City, and Civics: we will learn how our federal, state, and local government work.  This will take place during our celebration of Constitution Day. (Week!)

Reading: In fourth grade we "Read to Learn" across the curriculum.  We also enjoy a variety of fiction and non-fiction literature, including Scholastic News, our current event newsletter.  We will continue to work on skills such as summarizing, author's purpose, and making predictions.

We will be participating in The Global Read Aloud, as well as "Dot Day" this year.

Spelling is integrated with Reading.

Religion: We will live our Catholic Faith daily in thought, word, and deed.  We will continue to learn more about our faith through Bible study, study of the Sacraments, the lives of Saints, etc.

We will strive daily to become "The-Best-Version-of-Ourselves." (Credit Matthew Kelly, modern Catholic apologist, for "Best-Version-of-Yourself" concept.)

Howdy!  Welcome to Camp Casner!  

I will be teaching Science, Math, Reading, and Religion. In Math the students will focus on the four basic operations using whole numbers, decimals and fractions.  They will also spend time on Geometry and Measurement. Fourth grade Science focuses on Life Science.  The students will explore all things living in both the classroom and lab setting.  During Reading the students will explore both fiction and non-fiction selections as they develop a LOVE of literature. Finally, Religion will not only be a class, but part of our daily lives.  The students will participate in Masses, understand the way of the Bible and learn to walk in Jesus' path.