charter - a document that permitted colonists to settle land claimed by their ruler

stock - shares in the company

cash crop - crop grown for profit (ie: tobacco)

indentured servants - agreed to work for someone for a certain amount of time in exchange for the cost of the ocean voyage to North America

House of Burgesses - the first law-making assembly in an English colony

Northwest Passage - waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Pilgrims - a person who journeys for religious reasons

Separatists - a group that wanted to separate from the Church of England

persecution - unjust treatment because of their beliefs

Mayflower Compact - a written plan of government for their colony (Pilgrims)

Puritans - reform the Church of England

dissenter - person whose views differ from those held by most people in the community

proprietors - owners

debtors - people who owed money
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