Topic outline

  • Important Information

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  • Sponge Questions

    Assignment: 1
  • STEM Fair 2018

    Pages: 2Files: 2
  • Exploring and Classifying Life

    Pages: 14Files: 18Assignments: 4Quiz: 1
  • Cells

    We will begin with the mainĀ  types of cells (animal, plant, bacteria) and basic structure of the cell, and then discuss the functions of the cell organelles.
    Pages: 43Files: 22Assignments: 8
  • Cell Processes

    Pages: 34Files: 29Assignments: 10Quizzes: 2
  • Cell Reproduction


          We will explore the workings of how body cells are made (mitosis), then move into how reproductive cells are made (meiosis), and then end the unit with the structure of DNA and how an organism's genetic material controls every part of the organism.      
    Pages: 14Files: 12Quiz: 1Assignments: 3