Topic outline

  • Important Information

    All important information can be accessed here 24-7.

  • Sponge Questions

    Assignments: 2
  • STEM Fair 2018

    Pages: 2Files: 2
  • Chemistry

    Our Chemistry unit will begin with a deeper exploration of the atom, elements, and the Periodic Table of Elements. We will then discover how atoms bond and how chemical reactions occur.
    Pages: 61Files: 39Quizzes: 2Assignments: 15
  • Thermal Energy and Heat




    We will discuss potential and kinetic energy, followed by thermal energy, and finish with the 3 ways that thermal energy can transfer as heat: conduction, convection, and radiation!

    Pages: 13Files: 15Assignments: 7
  • Force and Newton's Laws of Motion

                  There's a law for everything! We will discover the wonders of Newton's Laws of Motion and how forces interact to make objects move.              
    Pages: 7Files: 7Quiz: 1