Topic outline

  • DGP - Worksheets

    On Monday, please find the correct week's DGP page and download it into Goodnotes (place into your 8th grade DGP Notebook).  You will use this page to complete each day's DGP.  

    Files: 19
  • DGP - Completed

    This section contains the completed week's DGP.  It will open after we have completed the week's DGP in class, so that you can check your work on anything you have missed.If you do not understand the answers, it is up to you to come check with me, so that I can explain it to you.  

    Files: 13
  • Daily Agenda

    This section contains the agenda for a given day.  This page will provide the agenda for the day as well as reminders about what assignments are due.  This will be especially helpful on the days you are absent.

  • Reviews

    In this section, you will find the DGP reviews as well as any other reviews assigned.  These do not contain a password.  Remember if the review is closed before you complete it, you will need to complete the makeup review and then EMAIL me to tell me you have completed it.  I won't know it's done if you don't send me the email.

    Quizzes: 32
  • Quiz

    In this section, you will find all quizzes.  These are password protected, so you will need to get the password before you can complete the quiz.

    Quizzes: 4
  • Writing

    In this section, you will find all the information on your current writing assignment.  Please be sure you are following all instructions for each assignment.  Some writing will be submitted here and some writing will be submitted on Turnitin.  

    Assignments: 14Files: 5
  • Vignettes

    You will turn in all vignettes in this section.  Remember they must be a word document.  I do not want screen shots or pdfs.  If you are having trouble submitting a word document, please contact either me or Mr. Price.

    Assignments: 4
  • Tests

    All classroom tests will be found in this section.  They are password protected, so you will need to see me if you need to makeup a test.  Any missed test not completed by the end of the quarter WILL be recorded as a zero.  It is up to you to schedule any makeup tests.

    Quizzes: 3
  • Notes

    Copies of notes given in class

    Files: 7
  • Stem Fair Assignments

    All work for the Stem Fair will be submitted here.  Every student will submit his/her own Annotated Bibliography.  All other assignments will be submitted by the team captain.

    Assignment: 1